"Great App to keep you on track. If you've taken a Buteyko class, this is all you need for the basics"
Australian iOS App Store user review, october 2013

"(: Thank you for this app!!! It will help me sooo much!! Please add more detailed screenshots on the App Store from the exercise, chart, table and automatic pulse measuring, its better to know how awesome this app is! :D"
Stefan, Switserland, november 2013

"Best Buteyko App! This app has it all. It allows you to incorporate just about every single exercise that is taught by Buteyko instructors. It also has a built in pulse measurement app so you don't have to do it yourself. Lastly, it is all digital and your teacher can monitor how you are doing by signing into your account. Well done!"
Google Play Store for Android, user review, december 2013

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