Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is
Answer: offers various esources to help people learn and practice Buteyko Breathing. We offer Buteyko Courses, Advanced Buteyko, Teacher Training and various Buteyko apps.

Question: How can I start learning buteyko Breathing?
Answer: Just sign up for the Buteyko Breathing course and we'll get in touch with you winthin 24 hours.

Question: Can I just use the app?
Answer: Yes, people are free to use our apps only and use them any way they want. However, please understand that the instruction and personal guidance that we offer is what will really bring you the results. Just downloading the app will not prepare you for the actual practice of Buteyko Breathing, doing the course is still required to get great results.

Question: I have done a Buteyko Course somewhere else, can I still use your app?
Answer: Sure, please understand that the app also contains timers for Advanced Buteyko that you will not have learnt during your regular Buteyko Course and might not be suitable for your use. So please ask your original Buteyko teacher as to what exercises are recommended and suitable for you - or contact us if you want to learn Advanced Buteyko



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