Initial Consultation (1 hour)

The initial 1-hour consultation is recommended if you are looking for just 1 hour of instruction to solve some issue in your practice. To properly learn, we highly recommend the Buteyko Course. Order this initial consultation to solve issues in your practice and recieve answers to your questions in a private consultation with drs. Eduard Reuvers via Skype:

  • precise exercise instruction
  • understanding theory
  • general guidelines
  • solving problems and ensuring progress
  • boosting your practice
  • dealing with setbacks
  • suitability and customization of exercises
  • dealing with symptoms and diseases
  • etc, etc...

Price for the first/initial hour: US$ 79 (€57, £47)   Buy now

Recommended for the following cases:

A private initial 1-hour consultation is recommended if you need to solve issues with your practice or disease symptoms in the following cases:

  • You are trying to practice Buteyko on your own and are unable to do a course yet.
  • You are doing a Buteyko course somewhere else, and need a second opinion.
  • You have done a Buteyko course in the past and have lost contact with your teacher.

Skype Consult with drs. Eduard Reuvers

Get started & have an individual consultation

  • Make the payment of $79 by PayPal through the payment link
  • Eduard will contact you by email and arrange date and time for your consultation
  • 1 hour consultation with drs. Eduard Reuvers by Skype (one long or two short sessions)
  • Email Support: click here to email Eduard directly with your queries

What is taught

Eduard will provide you with tailored instructions on how to apply the Buteyko Breathing method for maximum benefit to improve your health and revert chronic disease.

Ask any questions that you may have and receive instant feedback and guidance to achieve the best results.

Eduard will teach you basic & intermediate levels of the Buteyko Breathing approach and will guide you in using them to effectively reverse chronic disease symptoms.

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Revert Chronic Disease

During the Buteyko Breathing course, Drs. Eduard Reuvers teaches you how to improve your breathing to optimize carbon dioxide levels and promote better oxygen distribution throughout your body. It gives your body the energy and strength to get back into balance, revert chronic disease and repair the damage accumulated over many years of bad breathing.

Buteyko Breathing can be used to revert over 150 different chronic diseases, such as: sleep apnea, snoring, obesity, asthma, migraine, insomnia, fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, depression, nasal congestion, allergies, etc.

A few days into the Buteyko course, participants often notice initial improvements in wellbeing, symptoms and/or changes in medication requirements. Optimal results require the full 30 days. For complicated cases, a follow-up on the initial 30 days may be required.

Eduard has been teaching Buteyko Breathing full-time since 2008 in Europe and Asia and worldwide via Skype. Eduard is an experienced teacher of the Buteyko Breathing approach, familiar with advanced techniques to revert a large range of chronic diseases: Different diseases require different approaches. Eduard is also experienced in supportive practices such as yoga and mindfullness since 1998.

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