Reverting Hypertension

with a Buteyko Breathing Course

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is physical and/or mental exhaustion due to stress, overwork, medication, illness or disease. It means to experience a lack of energy and feel weary, tired, exhausted, or lethargic.

Cause of hypertension

Considering Buteyko theory, hypertension happens when:

  1. You generally overbreathe throughout the day.
  2. Overbreathing leads to narrowing of bloodvessels.

When you overbreathe, excessive exhalation of carbon dioxide leads to low carbon dioxide content of the blood and less effective oxygen delivery by the blood. To compensate, the body increases the pressure in the bloodvessels, to try to encourage oxygen to leave the blood even though carbon dioxide content is low. So high bloodpressure is one of the ways the body compensates for low carbon dioxide content of the blood, to help release more oxygen from the blood.

Revert hypertension with a Buteyko Breathing course

Within the period of a 1-month Buteyko Breathing Course, nearly all participants will experience a lowering of bloodpressure. If you have hypertension, Buteyko Breathing is an excellent and dependable way to revert hypertension. It will improve your health tremendously, lowering your bloodpressure back to normal levels as your breathing improves. Results are dependent on:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Students' compliance to instructions and guidance
  • Students' level of practice (basic, intermediate or advanced)
  • Frequency of support sessions for additional guidance
  • Other factors (for example: age, general state of health, other diseases and activities.)

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