Buteyko Breathing Apps

We recommend using the Advanced Buteyko app. It is available for iOS, Android and as a web-app (for use in the browser).

IMPORTANT: The Advanced Buteyko app is designed to be used while doing the Advanced Buteyko Breathing course. You can use some levels in the app without doing the course, listening to the included audio instructions. But the app will only be fully unlocked by a Buteyko instructor during the full Advanced Buteyko course. You will experience more benefits and have an overall much smoother experience when doing the course rather than just using the app.

You can use the app without an account, but if you signup for a free account you get an extra level to use in the app.

Use this link to download the Advanced Buteyko app, or go directly to the iOS or Android Play app stores by pressing one of the buttons below:

Get the Advanced Buteyko Android app Advanced Buteyko for iOS Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercise - Web App

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