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Learn Buteyko Breathing

Learn Buteyko with Full Instruction and Guidance

Expertise & Experience

Eduard has wide experience with Advanced Buteyko for chronic diseases, health and performance.

Health & Performance

Improve your breathing strongly and achieve optimal general health and high performance.

Power & Sophistication

With personal guidance to ensure your Buteyko practice grows in power and sophistication.

Highest Standards

Certified Buteyko Breathing courses follow the standards of the Advanced Buteyko Institute.

Chronic Diseases

Learn Advanced Buteyko: the most powerful approach that reverts many chronic diseases.

Mobile Apps

Optional apps can improve your sessions and give Eduard detailed info on your breathing progress.

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About Eduard

Drs. Eduard Reuvers teaches Advanced Buteyko Breathing full-time since 2008 and founded the Advanced Buteyko Institute (ABI). Eduard emphasizes Advanced Buteyko for achieving perfect breathing, reversal of many chronic diseases and high performance for athletes.

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If you care about health and fitness, Advanced Buteyko is a requirement, not an option.

drs. Eduard Reuvers - Advanced Buteyko Institute

Health and Performance Benefits

Improve health and performance with Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Oxygen Distribution

Promotes oxygen release by hemoglobin, improving oxygen supply to all cells in the body.

Balance Blood pH

Balances the pH of the blood, improving the activities of 1000+ enzymes and vitamins.


Improves breathing and lowers blood-pressure by dilating the airways and all blood vessels.

Immune System

Raises the antibody-antigen affinity so your antibodies can attack viruses more effectively.

Braincell Synapses

Higher IQ and emotional balance because brain cells can synapse more effectively.

Glucose Uptake

Helps glucose pass through cell membranes more easily so cells can burn sugar more quickly.

Nervous System

Lowers the excitability of the nervous system and makes you feel calmer and be more in control.

Metabolic Pathways

Improves function of very important metabolic pathways called gluconeogenesis and lipogenesis.

Respiratory System

Lowers the excitability of the respiratory center: you can do more exercise without feeling out of breath.

Advanced Buteyko Breathing reverts more than 200 chronic diseases and helps achieve strong health and high performance.

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