Advanced Buteyko Breathing Course

Advanced Buteyko Course

Learn the basic and most advanced Buteyko Breathing techniques for best results in reversing chronic disease and boosting your health & performance.

Course duration: 3.5 hours (7 sessions)
Includes more than 3 hours of pre-recorded audio instructions

Complete Advanced Buteyko Breathing course
Teaching via Skype
Price: 479 USD
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The Advanced Buteyko Course can be done individually or in a group:

Individual Course

Individual courses are done both in person and via Skype and take about 3.5 hours over 7 personal practice sessions. The course also includes more than 3 hours of pre-recorded audio instructions.

Group Course

Group courses are held locally and take about 10 hours over 5 group practice sessions.


During the Advanced Buteyko Course we use the most powerful techniques to improve your breathing. It is proven to be very beneficial for a whole range of serious chronic diseases and has the power to bring your breathing all the way up to perfection. Over 200 chronic diseases can be wholly or partially reverted.

If you're interested in fitness and health, the Advanced Buteyko Course is a must.