Treating (Chronic) Fatigue with Buteyko Breathing


What is Fatigue?
Fatigue is physical and/or mental exhaustion due to stress, overwork, medication, illness or disease. It means to experience a lack of energy and feel weary, tired, exhausted, or lethargic.

Cause of Fatigue

Considering Buteyko theory, (chronic) fatigue can occur when you generally overbreathe throughout the day, leading to low CO2 levels through excessive exhalation of CO2. Optimal CO2 levels are needed for optimal oxygen distribution, metabolism of sugar and fats, hormonal production and pH balance, so lack of CO2 will obviously strongly affect your energy levels:

When you overbreathe, excessive exhalation of carbon dioxide leads to low carbon dioxide content of the blood and less effective oxygen delivery by the blood. With less oxygen delivery, you're unable to burn enough sugar and fat and will experience a lack of energy which becomes worse as your breathing worsens.

Revert fatigue with a Buteyko Breathing course

Nearly all participants of a Buteyko Breathing course experience an energy boost during and after each good Buteyko Breathing session. But as your breathing really gets better, energy is really restored to the previous levels and you'll feel energetic and strong, able to lead your daily life with plenty of energy.

Our students with chronic fatigue can achieve excellent results provided they are determined to intensively practice Buteyko with professional ongoing support for 2 to 6 months, which will improve their health tremendously and give them the energy they have been lacking. Reverting chronic fatigue is a more complicated process than reverting ordinary fatigue. Results are dependent on:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Students' dedication and effort in following instructions
  • The level of practice: basic, intermediate or advanced
  • Ongoing guidance and support after finishing the course.
  • Other factors: age, general health, other chronic diseases, medical history, medication usage, fitness and lifestyle activities.

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