Treating Snoring with Buteyko Breathing

What is Snoring?

Snoring is to breathe with a snorting or grunting sound while asleep.

Cause of Snoring

Considering Buteyko theory, snoring occurs when people hyperventilate:

  1. Airways have become narrower due to your bad breathing habit.
  2. And the strong breathing airflow makes certain parts in your body move.

When the body notices that you are breathing too much, it tries to restrict your breathing in an effort to make you breathe less. Your airways can then become so narrow that the flow of air causes certain parts to start moving along with it, making the characteristic snoring sound. It's a nasty breathing habit that keeps your partner awake and can give you other serious health problems later on. The good news is that's it's totally preventable by doing a Buteyko Breathing course.

Revert Snoring with a Buteyko Breathing course

Snoring can be reverted very well with a Buteyko Breathing course, attaining excellent results in a short period of time. Results are dependent on:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Students' compliance to instructions and guidance
  • Students' level of practice (basic, intermediate or advanced)
  • Frequency of support sessions for additional guidance
  • Other factors (for example: age, general state of health, other diseases and activities.)

Doing both modules of our Buteyko Breathing course, and keeping in touch for additional guidance, people usually see some nice improvements in the first week; for optimal results we recommend 1 month of advanced Buteyko practice.

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